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Hello, We are " Books Motion "

About Books Motion

Books Motion Digital Library is accredited library placed in India run by Group Of Students.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide book that ever published to who those can't afford the price of a Physical Copy. So reader can get book and in future they can purchase there very owne copy of book from respective publisher.

We are working on some function to make user experience better and they enjoy a list of millions of books.

Book Submit

Here also you can help us to make this biggest library by submitting for edit info or submitting book. We all review your submission and will get updated as soon as possible.

If you want to submit a book please do we all help to make it public and show the world.

Submit request for any books you have to make them available to the other students and readers.

Info about author or publisher

Sorry But we don't have any type of contact to any book publisher or book author we are just providing books for read we try to display the author or writer name as writing thanks you can contact them by making a little search.

We even don't sell books and nor send a physical copy of a book, you can just download any eBook available here.

Thanks You for visiting us.